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LAN International - Driven to make a difference  
Electronic Public Inspection File


Your first notice could be a FINE!

…if there’s an issue with a public inspection file in one of your remote markets.  The problem is you currently have no way to oversee those cumbersome paper files from the corporate level, leaving you at risk.


Turn what could be a scary experience into a low-stress event

  • Scan and upload new files as easily as attaching a file to an email message at both the local and enterprise levels.
  • Make public files available on your website.
  • Maintain your public documentation from a local or centralized location.
  • Control access via permission levels based on user roles within your organization.
  • Share your corporate expertise and achieve compliance oversight of public inspection files at your local market.
  • Receive automated reminders via email for certain recurring files such as the Quarterly Issues report.
  • Implement proactive disaster recovery; ensure your stations’ access to their files from anywhere.
  • Streamline public access via a secure kiosk* located within your city of license.
  • Mitigate risk and turn FCC inspections into a low-stress experience.
  • Avoid the cost, loss and pilferage of paper public inspection files.

Now you can mitigate that risk with VIERO e-PIF public inspection file.  This groundbreaking software enables you to monitor files remotely, share your corporate expertise with the field and provide a safe and simple way for your inquiring public to access those files.


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