LAN International - Driven to make a difference

LAN International - Driven to make a difference  
About Us - Our Beginnings
A Unique Vision

LAN International traces its beginnings back to cable deregulation in the early to mid 1990’s. As operators began shifting to broadband, it quickly became apparent that a new traffic and billing software would be needed that could facilitate multi-network, multi-market insertions. In response to this growing need, LAN developed a revolutionary product that would, with a single order line, allow cable operators to create and schedule spots across their enterprise, applying one rate to them all. Unlike any other software at this time, it allowed for the dynamic scheduling of spots as far in advance as needed.

Pioneering and Industry

With several major cable operators signing on
almost immediately, it was quickly apparent that
this new technology was a viable solution that would be in high demand.  LAN soon shifted its focus to the radio industry, which was
experiencing many of the same issues as cable

at the time.

LAN quickly caught the eye of a major broadcaster who recognized the potential for LAN’s product,

and did more than purchase the software, they offered to buy the company. LAN agreed, and as papers were being signed the buyer was itself taken over. Once again LAN found itself under the microscope, and once again, its unique solutions and strategic foresight won the day, solidifying LAN’s place as in industry leader. 

The new parent company was eventually acquired by Clear Channel Communications, beginning the next chapter in LAN International’s evolution, and

the next step in radio inventory management.

New Standard

LAN International worked with Clear Channel in what would become the industry’s largest traffic and billing software conversion ever. Successfully and seamlessly converting over 1,200 radio stations across the U.S., LAN became an expert at large scale implementation rollouts. 

In addition, the company also implemented an aggressive release strategy, adding/distributing significant product enhancements three to four times a year. 

This intense but rewarding process help lay the foundation for LAN’s current customer philosophy, which is driven by a passion for providing a value-centric relationship with every one of its users. 

Our Philosophy Today

From its humble beginnings as a small software
start up to its current status as the industry’s
leading provider of revenue management tools,
LAN International continues to take a solutions-based, results driven approach to software development. 

Our products and services are a direct result of listening to our customers and developing solutions based on real-world business needs.  More than just a technology provider, LAN is a success partner, working with clients on a daily basis to understand their business and to provide the tools and insight they need to gain and keep a competitive edge.

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