LAN International - Driven to make a difference

LAN International - Driven to make a difference  
Rate & Yield Management


Understanding and utilizing effective yield management and strategic pricing is critical to staying competitive. Our systematic approach to maximizing revenue by responding to current demand means your inventory consistently reflects the best pricing available.


Maximum Value for your Inventory!

VIERO BEST RATE™ is a state-of-the-art rate and yield management tool unsurpassed in its ability to maximize the value of your inventory. Access this web-based system from any location, at any time, with a secure connection to your network. At the heart of VIERO BEST RATE is an exclusive pricing and forecasting engine that combines history with seasonality to predict the future. You don’t need multiple spreadsheets to make sound pricing decisions anymore.

Dashboard Reporting

  • Analyze yield, pacing and forecasting
  • Access mission-critical data about your business whenever you need it..
  • Capture market-pulse and drive sales. Use information to throttle sellouts,  spark demand, build packages and minimize spoilage.
  • Quickly scan and analyze selling patterns by targeting key business indicators combined on a single report.
  • Check for flags that provide visual cues on performance—are you beating last year? Is your inventory usage outpacing revenue goals?
  • Compare statistical forecasts with “gut checks,” to build better  projections and yield per minute and average unit rate gauges.

Flexible Pricing


  • Demand-driven pricing based on spot length, daypart, days and weeks.
  • Scenario planning—use the price modeling tool to view the impact of rate changes on revenue.
  • Web-accessible rate cards—put accurate rates into your AEs’ hands, anywhere, any time.


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