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Modern, open standards architecture

The VIERO® solutions suite utilizes Microsoft .Net, putting functionality and information at your fingertips in ways that previously could only be imagined.

VIERO solutions are entirely scalable. They effortlessly accommodate hundreds of regions, zones and networks. Their open standards architecture reliably integrates with other systems and delivers multi-platform stability, thriving on Windows XP, 2003, web browsers and more.  In 2009 we're adding support for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and integrations with Office 2007 and Office 14.  The VIERO database platform supports Microsoft SQL Server versions 2000 and 2005, with support for SQL Server 2008 coming in 2009.

VIERO solutions are crafted using a modern, tiered architecture. This approach offers numerous advantages and is particularly beneficial to application maintenance, reducing the cost of changes in the future. The tiers, or layers, of software work together as an integrated system.

A Familiar Look and Feel

Our industry leading software applications provide a comfortable, contemporary user experience, incorporating rich Graphical User Interfaces that emulate the most recent Windows and Microsoft Office look, feel and functionality.

In addition, Web enabled VIERO solutions implement technology for enhanced reliability today, while paving the way for future incorporation of XML web services. XML web services enable applications to communicate and share data over the internet, regardless of operating system or programming language.


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