LAN International - Driven to make a difference

LAN International - Driven to make a difference  
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Every 30 days you will...

- Review your teams progress by looking at actual working software that's been created to that point!

- Provide fresh input into the development of your software or decide that it is ready for testing and implementation.


Deployment-ready software every 30 days

At LAN International we've built our business by helping customers manage their revenue in a dynamic business
environment. We fully understand that in order for our customers to remain competitive and fast-moving, we must
be just as quick, if not quicker.

This is precisely why we've adopted the team-based Scrum method of product development with both new
solutions and existing product development. Scrum enables us to produce deployment-ready software every
30 days, giving you 12 opportunities each year to alter direction without jeopardizing progress or productivity.

Embracing change

The Scrum methodology is part of the Agile Software movement, an industry practice that utilizes a light- weight approach to software development in order to produce better software, faster. Scrum acknowledges and embraces the uncertainties and complexities inherent in software development, and by incorporating those changes into the process, we are able to ensure that your software meets the both your current and future needs.


By utilizing cross-functional teams of committed professionals, Scrum methodology results in higher productivity than the traditional, top-down development approach, and helps make project timelines more predictable. 



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