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LAN International - Driven to make a difference  


Executive Reporting

Information is Power...Get it with VIERO MERS!

Success today means being able to quickly and easily access mission-critical data and formulate strategic plans based on that information. With VIERO MERS® media enterprise reporting you will always have a crystal clear view of revenue and capacity, at every level of your organization.

Empower your organization on every level


How did your business do today? How can it do better tomorrow? VIERO MERS reporting provides both the information and the insight you need to eliminate any guesswork when it comes to the decision-making process. By delivering concise inventory and revenue data directly to key personnel in the organization, your entire enterprise then becomes more efficient, more proactive, and bottom line more profitable.


With VIERO MERS reporting, you’ll discover and act on new opportunities, predict and circumvent challenges, maximize revenue and mitigate spoilage.


Look behind and plan ahead

By analyzing recent demand and selling patterns, you will be in a position to accurately forecast against and capitalize on changing market conditions, always ensuring the maximum value for your inventory. VIERO MERS gives you a complete and accurate picture of each region, market or station's performance.

VIERO MERS reporting compiles information from across your enterprise on a daily basis and processes it into hundreds of flexible reports that can be modified based on your needs. Access is defined by user role/level, ensuring that everyone gets precisely the information they need, relevant to their specific function within the organization. An easy-to-use interface and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet presentation ensure a quick ramp-up period, as well as streamlined budgeting and forecasting. 

Concerned about accuracy and consistency from station to station? VIERO MERS reporting provides apples-to apples comparisons of business units, utilizing the same criteria to evaluate each station, regardless of format, rank or size. The bottom line is that each and every report template was developed in direct response to specific requests from media professionals just like you. 

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