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LAN International - Driven to make a difference  
Strategic Account Management


Driven by efficiency, VIERO® RADIO FUSION® completely eliminates the need for time-consuming tasks like researching rates and avails, compiling weekly reporting, juggling marketing materials and manually updating account lists.


Success in Sales Starts with VIERO® RADIO FUSION®

The key to successful selling is relationships, and the key to managing and growing those relationships is VIERO® RADIO FUSION®.   RADIO FUSION® is innovative software that organizes, manages and transforms data into knowledge your sales force can use.  A myriad of interactive features such as email, account history, and appointment/task scheduling, marry seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook to ensure AE’s are managing client relationships in a positive, proactive manner, consistently moving forward towards the point of sale.

Comprehensive Account Management

  • Effortless assignment of account lists to sales team.
  • Records and vital contact history that are tied to the advertiser, not the seller, to ensure smooth account transition between AEs.
  • Strategic account management—set appointments; log notes, phone calls, and emails—even track order status.
  • MS Outlook-style interface—instant familiarity shortens the learning curve for your staff.
  • Easy integration with Outlook so important items such as calendar appointments, emails, notes, and tasks are copied directly to the AE’s Outlook program.

Compelling Proposals


  • MAXIMUM AE EFFICIENCY—create proposals that include VIERO® BEST RATE® optimized pricing and avails and Arbitron ratings information to ensure the greatest value for your inventory.
  • PAPER IS OPTIONAL—do away with inefficiencies like data entry errors and redundant work. You’ll streamline workflow and expedite the entire front-end process with completely electronic review and approval of proposals.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

  • Easily monitor account activity, inventory status, even gauge probability of close using RADIO FUSION's comprehensive reporting.
  • Generate cluster-wide account lists based on last billing date (supports re-assignment of target accounts).
  • Save time monitoring and managing activities with One-on-One reports standardized for both AE and Sales Manager.
  • View orders and revenue in the pipeline using the Custom Pending Business report—it’s everything you need for accurate forecasting.
  • View the Additional Information pane to analyze the sale and coach the AE; assess AUR and AMR measurements, CPP and GRP goals against those pitched.

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