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LAN International - Driven to make a difference  

Inventory & Revenue Management

Featuring the patent pending VIERO BOOKING AGENT™ scheduler, providing the industry's only truly dynamic

spot placement.


Every daypart, Every station...

Every time!

VIERO RMS® revenue management (T&B) schedules and accurately reports inventory and revenue, helping you capture and transform last-minute avails from lost opportunities into high-powered revenue generators. You can literally customize how spots are placed based on criteria such as priority, rate, client loyalty, order start date, or order line end date. Or you can use our time-tested method of assigning a numerical priority rating to each spot.


  • Dynamically schedules millions of spots across hundreds of stations 15 months or more into the future; accurate revenue tracking provides visibility of the effects that new spot placements have on revenue.
  • Constantly evaluates current inventory against new orders, moving spots based to optimize revenue.
  • Building inventory is fast and easy, by creating and dragging breaks, pods, programs and daily clocks onto the calendar; clusters of special events can be created for easier scheduling of sports programming.
  • Online Help: click the Help button on the window toolbar intuitive, easily navigated aid that answers any questions and walks you through each process.
Electronic invoicing capabilities improve cash flow  
  • Energize your cash flow while moving closer to a paperless office.
  • Standard AAAA file format; delivery methods include ftp and secure email.
  • Current EDI partners include SpotData, Katz Media and
  • Robust reporting of electronic invoicing.

Timely, configurable reporting  
  • Choose from a virtually infinite number of standard and custom-configurable reports reflecting ordered,scheduled or invoiced spots, including avails & revenue projections, spot sales comparisons, invoice journal and more.
  • Create a new report and place it on the server for access by the entire workgroup, or mark it private for access only at its workstation of origin.
  • Easy import to Microsoft Excel, Adobe pdf and other widely used file formats.

Accounts receivables workhorse

  • Work with a true accounting powerhouse that puts all information onscreen and at your fingertips.
  • View and work with all outstanding accounts, customer credit information, payment and adjustment entries,payments matched to invoices, and complete transaction histories.
  • Search, select and sort data the way you need it; windows can be customized for views/data entry.

Enterprise-class security  
  • Powerful yet flexible security features provide enhanced protection of critical market data.

  • Your IT staff can custom define access roles and assign one to each user.


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