LAN International - Driven to make a difference

LAN International - Driven to make a difference  

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As with many industries these days, radio is quickly evolving…re-inventing itself to stay competitive.  To keep up, you need scalable technology that can move as fast as you do.  With VIERO, you are always positioned for the future.  Our open-architecture ensures that upgrades are quick and seamless.  Combined with our strategic, fast-moving development process, you can always be assured of being on the forefront of the industry’s smartest technology.

Modern, open standards architecture Deployment-ready
software every 30 days
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VIERO solutions are entirely scalable. Their open standards architecture reliably combine with other systems and deliver multi-platform stability.  This
also means software enhancements that are straightforward and trouble-free.

VIERO solutions thrive on Windows XP, 2003, web browsers and more.


At LAN we've built our reputation on helping customers manage their revenue in a dynamic business environment. To help them remain nimble
and competitive, we've adopted the team-based Scrum method of product development, which enables up to produce deployment-ready software every 30 days!


Staying competitive today requires more than off the shelf, "cookie-cutter" software.   You not only need customized solutions based on your specific needs, those tools should also be able to grow with your business.  VIERO is the answer.   

Our highly skilled team of professionals can assess your unique needs and business practices, and recommend the appropriate VIERO solution.

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